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Support for “Rungkit Kertnadee muay thai camp “.

“Huasing” or T. Phatak S. Chunlasane or Sinbee Muai Thai has predicted about the fortune of Rungkit Kertnadee muay thai camp or the million juveniles boxer of Suek Atsawidam ; moreover, in the future , he might turn to be the master couple boxer because of his excellence in Thai boxer and his IQ.   In addition,  he has been caught the eyes on since he was a child until he has his strength and confidence to become the million juveniles boxer of channel 9 in the future.


Therefore, Rungkit had fought with Liamphet S. Phanthip muay thai training camp with funniness prior to win the score  of him for Suek Atsawindam on channel 9 of Thailand broadcasted from Imperial Ladprao on last Sunday of 27th October 2013. Thus, now Huasing T. Phatak Cinby Muai Thai or the former Thai boxer has the famous name for opening the foreign boxing camp at Phuket or the hometown of Rungkit. Moreover, it is believed that in the future Rungkit may be the number 1 of the million juveniles boxer for sure.


Huasing said with admiring that “Being the well-known one should have the excellent boxer with the supporting of the great head Thai boxing camp and the talented promoter. Then, For Rungkit , he has his good fortune and I have fond of him as well as watched for his matches since he was a child , so I am assured in his power for having various strategies to solve problems in the boxing stadium with good soul. As the result, I believe that he might have his good future without bad behavior and he will become to be the number 1 of million juvenile boxer of Suek Atsawindam for sure.”