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“Sakulchai” has his fit body condition , so “Choknamchai” can’t defeat him.

SiaChai or Nikhom Phokhao has recommended to the cheering team of Sakulchai Weronafarm not to worry on this match because of his good body condition to overcome Choknamchai Sitchakung surely. Thus, the Sergeant Kung Sampran can’t complain about this subject anymore because in this time his boxer might fight with the same size boxer without fighting for the larger size one as the past.

On last Tuesday , the reporters have been revealed from SiaChai or Nikom Phokaew or the famous head of the Muay Thai camp and the senior of Sakulchai Waronafarm or the fresh form boxer that now on this match he has prepared himself fully to fight with the champion or Choknamchai Sitchakung because of his good body condition not to make disappointment to the Muay Thai fans of course. Whilst, the Sergeant Kung Sampran has complaint that his boxer always fight with the big ones.  On the other hand, SiaChai confirms that for this time the boxer of Kung might face with the same size boxer , so it should let his boxer to prepare himself in excellent way. Whilst, winning or losing is the sports game , and he has felt confidence for Sakulchai much because of his good preparing to grasp the champion of channel 7. As the result, for this match he might win Choknamchai despite of being the former champion. However, he is the strong knee one without afraid of anyone with his good strategy.