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Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia Camp will face with Siakhim with arousing the muay thai fans in Thailand to cheer up.

There will be the program to grasp for number one in the East between Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia Camp and Siakhim Sit Sorthortaew muay thai training camp which make this program so exciting in first time of several decades. Then, there will be the cheer groups coming from everywhere in the trucks to cheer up for this program or Suek Kertphet. Thus, Chun told everyone to pay attention for the game well because there is the right for knocking of this couple boxer easily.

Besides, for this dignity  program of Suek Kertphet that will excited all of the Sian Muai that will broadcasted on this Tuesday of 7th May 2013 , there will be several fresh boxers as same as the different program boxers from many muay thai camps to face with each other for several couple boxers no matter of  Tanonchai Th. Sangthiannoi muay thai training camp facing with Phokaew Phonchangchonburi , Phrachanchai P. Phetnamthong muay thai camp facing with OneChalong Sitsornong muay thai training camp, Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia Camp facing with Siakhim Sit Sorthortaew muay thai training camp and Yodphet Somphongmabthapud facing with Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon which make the muay thai fans to be interested in this program much ,especially for the couple boxer to grasp the number one of the East or Siakhim facing with Chokphreecha.

Chun Kertphet confirm the news that “In the current day , there are several of Sian Muai in the East that cheer the different boxers classifying into 2 sides between Rayong side or Chokphreecha and Chantaburi side or Siakhim. Then, this couple boxer is the hot one until there are several of muay thai fans to cheer in every match which is hardly to find. Thus, I can tell obviously that everyone should pay attention to this game of couple boxer because there is the right to be knock for each one all the time.”