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“Sangmanee” desires to fight as Thai boxing.

Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai training camp has revealed that he would like to come back for fighting of Thai boxing once again prior to training himself as the amateur boxer ; he would like to fight in 120-121 pounds with everyone.

Now, Sangmanee is one of all boxers to be cheered up for being the beloved boxer from popular vote by 8th Siam Keela Award and the super star boxer as him has revealed to the reporters of Siam Keela after joining in the latest statement on last Wednesday at Golden Tulip hotel at Praram IX that “Although the game of amateur in Yuth Olympic of him wasn’t successful , he will make this mistake to improve and be the lesson for fighting as another match.

Furthermore,  Sangmanee or 16 years old boxer from Phuket province  revealed that “In fact , I would like to be back for fighting as Thai boxing again , but it is up to the senior people whether to admit. However, I wouldn’t like to disappear from this game so long and I have born to this sport from Thai boxing. Thus, I would like to fight in 120-121 pounds with everyone from any muay thai camps and the senior one told me that in this April I may have the new match to fight. Therefore, I will earn some money and respect for the senior agreement to propose the new game for me as well.”