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Big Song feel very impressed of “Odd” from SorThianpho muay thai camp.

“Big Song” would like to thank for “the police lieutenant colonel  Ood” or the police lieutenant colonel Sutthichai Thianpho who will have sent Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai training camp  to fight in Suek Million baht of OneThongChai on this Monday of 3rd June in 2013. Moreover, he has admired that the police lieutenant colonel Ood is the fair policeman with taking his clearly actions and speaking for turning to this muay thai circle with his actual pure mind.


Besides, the reporters of Daily Muai Siam had reported the news about the police lieutenant Ood or the head of one well-known muay thai camp that he had spent for only one year to create his good name of muay thai training camp until being the well-known one and everyone had known him well also. In addition, for this interview , it confirmed clearly that in the next match , there will be 2 excellent boxers to fight in the same muay thai stadium ; namely , Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai training camp  or the hot boxer in this age to face with Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon Camp on this 3rd June in 2013 in superfight round at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand. Thus, for this news , it made the big promoter or Big song to be impressed with the police lieutenant Ood much because of his accepting to send Sangmanee to join in this big charity program.


Then, Big Song from Thailand said that “I would like to thank the police lieutenant colonel Ood much because he is the nice one which should be praised for his supporting of this boxing circle well including of his fairness until everyone can touch. Besides, he had accepted to send Sangmanee to join in this charity big match for sure with his clear speaking. Therefore, I would like to thank for him much in order to create the good colors in this big match , so we are so lucky , especially for Sangmanee to have the head of boxing camp who is kind and takes care of us well.”