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“Chun” gain benefits from the small ones of muay thai camps .

In weight 102-104 pounds, there will be the excitement for making the lists of several well-known couple boxers in Suek Kertphet broadcasted on this Friday of 28th March 2014 in order to favor the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to watch every couple boxer with funniness. Moreover, the Muay Thai fans can gain benefits in several ways.

For Suek Kertphet broadcasted on this Friday of 28th March 2014 , Promoter Chun Kertphet has made the lists of couple boxers beautifully although there is Dang S. Plernchit muay thai camp or the master boxer and Yokphet or the second boxer who are ill and are removed from this match. However, there is the adjusting for the new couple boxers  by discounting the ticket for people to pay in 250 baht from 270 baht. Besides, Kusonnoi has to face with Ponkit which might be satisfied for the Muay Thai fans as well as other couple boxers without changing another program.

In addition, Deer or the professional teamwork revealed that in 101-104 pounds or the small size couple boxers from good muay thai camps , it is really hot ones now ; namely the first couple boxer or Yodonemai  Kertchareonchai muay thai camp facing with Tanchai Santiubon Camp , the second couple boxer or Phetchedsee facing with Mike and the third couple boxer or Koko facing with Phetrung and the last one or Phetnarin facing with Banlangngen. Then, Sia Chanu Thongphrasom should take care of Phetrung well to be the champion and these all couple boxers are the famous ones to favor the Muay Thai fans indeed. As the result , we should cheer up whether any boxer might be the muay thai champion.